Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We are MOVING!

I have been horrible at keeping this thing updated. Our big news is that we are moving back to Idaho! About 2 months ago Ethan put in an application for Canyon County. Within a half hour of submitting it they called and told him to take some huge 4 hour long test online. He sat down and did it right then. Within another half hour they called and set him up for an interview! Two weeks later he flew to Boise and impressed them all! (I knew he would do great!) We listed the house & with a VERY crazy 2 weeks we had an offer after 8 days! Things have been just 1 giant whirlwind, but everything has seemed to just fall into place. We have found a place to stay in Payette, & we plan on buying it when we get there. There is still so much to do to get ready to leave in 9 days!!! We have had such a good experience down here in the great state of Texas. The hospitality of people is something I will miss greatly. I will not miss the Fire Ants, or the year round allergies, but this has become our home & it will be hard to leave.

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